CLOSER Blitz & Review ~ 10 out of 10!

Book Review of my novel, Closer

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Author: F E Feeley Jr

Release Date:    1 March 2018                     Price: £4.44

Reviewed by: Felices

Cover Art: Shows a wooden jetty protruding over a lake with a house in the background. Mist is rising up from the water and it appears to be either sunset or sunrise. A man is standing at the end of the jetty. The title is in a large, red, upper case font across the top of the cover with the author’s name in white Initial caps across the bottom. It is very appropriate to the story.

Synopsis: Lets us know that something strange and disturbing is happening but leaves it entirely open as to what the events are. There is a discrepancy with Hayden’s name switching from Moore in the synopsis to Monroe inside the book.

Plot: Hayden has moved to Maplewood after the death of his husband in order to make a…

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