Lonely Boy (poem)




The fan whirls above me
It’s fast rotating blade cools
The body rush
I taste chocolate
On my mouth
Cool cotton sheets underneath my body
My lovers deep slow inhale
Lower back twinges
Reminding me of my ageing

It’s thirty minutes after midnight
And the endorphins and the sex
Nor the chocolate and cool sheets
Succeed in piercing into this macrabe

I’m in a desert
And it’s late and the winds buffet
Relentlessly against me
I’m in a tower in Kuwait
Rest assured that all will be okay
Even as I sit alone
Twelve hours peering into
The deep dark nothing
Of my twenty first year

I was lonely then
Sure the sunrise would alleviate that
When I climbed into the five ton
But fourteen years later
After I said his name amidst the rustle
Of bed clothes and sound of metal springs
I’m none the more accompanied

For who but I can hear the thoughts
Between the ears of a boy so very very
Far from home

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