‘Slumberscythe’ (The Outre War Book 1) by Vance Bastian #LGBT #SciFi #Review

Vance Bastian is one of m/m’s hidden treasures. Not only is he a remarkable Voice over actor, a host for the Wrote Podcast, his writing gives Rowling a run for her money. Seriously loved this book and totally psyched for the second.

Rainbow Gold Reviews

Wendy reviews Slumberscythe (The Outre War book 1) by Vance Bastian. Published by Rogue Ravens Publishing October 8, 2014, 274 pages.

After a series of dreams where he relives a female espionage agent’s 1972 missions, slightly overweight, slightly narcoleptic, slightly middle-aged, chronically single and gay James is shocked to learn the shadowy events really occurred. When operatives with dream-related powers show up in his life looking for him, he needs to find someone who can teach him to use his bloodline’s supernatural abilities.

His strange dreams lead him to unlikely help – a young reaper who fancies herself a Valkyrie. Halldora’s a closeted gamer-chick who grew up in the half-hidden world of the Outré. She’ll show him how to survive if she can get over her own baggage.

With a little luck, and a lot of help, James might just figure everything out.

Right after he gets these Sandman agents…

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