Summer ( The Second Sister) Poem



(Photo by: Diana Simumpande)



Summer sister
Brown skinned beauty
With a dress as green as the emerald isles
Steadily walks in grasses waist high and flowering
Her bosom as full as the clouds

Summer sister, African wise
Woman of the earth and mother to all
Eases the world in mid-afternoon slumbers
And thundershowers late at night

Mother of the longest Solstice
She tells Mary Mary quite contrary
How that garden’s supposed to grow
And prepares her fields for her red haired sister
When June fields begin to grow

But it’s with her the children laugh and play through
As the swim in rivers warmed by her touch
It’s her they watch coming over the hill from schoolhouse windows
The time of the year they love so much

Summer sister, Ebony darling
A laugh as deep as the tree roots grow
The most generous of the four sisters seasons
Dancing under the late summers moon glow

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