We are Gay (poem)

We are gay and you are welcome!

F.E.Feeley Jr


Like fog lifting off a still lake
in the first break of daylight in pink skies
spirits rising with arms flung back and chests proudly barred and bruised
above blackwater surprise
ready to be reborn
murdered, slandered, left for dead
we escape you
we elude you
when your iron fists clamp down
we slip, laughing in our nakedness, in our brazen sex
our daring
right through and past you
You made the word functional, gears grinding upon steel
clockwork humanity
black and white it rolls out in front of you
one, two, three, four
we came along and made your necessary, fantastic
and you ask for more, more,
please just a little more…

Through your love we are made
when your man parted your tender milky thighs
we are not a thought, a choice, or a decision
we are a specie, a truth, creatures of light and dark
from your…

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