In this land of yesterdays (Poem)

Wanted to share an older poem with you. 🙂

F.E.Feeley Jr


(Photo by Johanneke Kroesbergen Kamps)

gentle we sleep
silver dreams above our heads
windows to the soul slide open
letting the gentle current in

thousand memories tumble
distant faces floating by
reminisce with us in exquisite sweet seconds
as they stop just to say hi

oh, we are not forgotten here
in this land where time urges us on
we are remembered by our memories
for our memories remember us

in our sleep
we are rejoined to the consciousness
of a river flowing homeward
sweet surrender, sweet surrender
a reunion of what is to what was

sweet repose so badly needed
by a body so worn from the day
but at night names bear repeating
for in their arms we safely stay

That, at least, is what I am hearing
just beyond the strain of my ear
in the stillness the rivers waiting
waiting for me to draw ever near

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