The Romance is Over

I posted the last link to a blog I found earlier and it’s pretty crappy. And it’s pretty biased because it was a post supporting what I had been thinking for awhile.

But not completely.

See, recently there is this whole blow up over supposed bi erasure happening inside of M/M. Many people have very strong opinions of it. Many have taken sides. There is even someone going about threatening people over liking the review.

And I have chosen a side.

And that side is on the side of free speech and the right to write what we wish.

When I first got into this book writing thing I didn’t know what an m/m was. I had no idea there was a market for such things and I had no clue that it was this large.

I also had no clue it would be this adversarial.

I had no idea there would be cliques, I had no idea there would be people who try to sabotage other people’s careers. I had no idea that I would meet great and terrible people inside of this whole thing.
Ally – as a word – would become a double edge sword.

In short – I didn’t realize HOW POLITICAL this was.
Books – fantasy books no less- written about gay men. And the stakes are pretty high.

When I first came to this genre it because clear to me- that this was a genre of books written for and by women – as that blog easily pointed out.

But those times are changing.

What those books were, what once was, is no more.

Gay people are here. And are here to stay.

Yes, this genre emerged from slash fiction where Captain Kirk and Commander Spock – two, otherwise heterosexual men – become lovers. And as that blog pointed out – simply because they wanted it so.

They didn’t have to compete with females according to the blogger.

But you do have to compete with me.

Lately, we’ve been throwing out words like erasure and appropriation – words that in this country seem sort of funny since they apply to everyone, everywhere, all of the time.
Your rock and roll African American, your coffee is South American, Your government is Greek, their buildings are Roman, Filibuster is a Native American Term.

Hell, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness was lifted right out of an English political philosopher’s own treatise on Liberty written by Mr. John Locke. Our law is common law, which is English.

IN short – those terms become moot.

They have no meaning here – – this country is an appropriation nation.

Like it or not.

Furthermore, I believe in a country where people have a right to write what they please. Should they use me as a gay man to find some joy in their otherwise miserable life then by all means – get happy. You’re going to need it.

These squads of internet fanatics who go about trying to torment people and in turn cause a sort of censorship from the bottom up instead of one that could come from the top down will not find a larger more willing adversary than myself.

You have become nothing short of a tyrant. You’re ideological purists who think that just because you’ve had an experience in life makes your experience the only experience that’s valid.

You’re wrong. I don’t care what a great customer you are. How many books you buy. Or what review site you may run. Or run by proxy.

So I have news for you. For all sides of this debate. Gay people are not going away. Not out of marriage, not out of books, and not out of the m/m genre no matter how hard you push. And likewise, women and men who enjoy writing these books whether simply for entertainment’s sake, to make money, or to ally with us – are welcome to continue.

As a gay man. As an American, as I sip my south American coffee and listen to Tina Turner extolling the virtue of steamy windows, after practicing yoga and meditating with my Tibetan Singing Bowl – say this is okay.

You cannot expect people who are not queer to understand perfectly 100 percent what it’s like to live our lives whether we are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered or otherwise. But at this crossroads we find ourselves at now these arguments fall flat because no matter where you find yourself on the spectrum – or if you’re simply writing in this genre for whatever reason you’ve begun- there are people out there who sooner rather than later – will want to shut you down.

They too will find no bigger adversary than myself.

If we are indeed facing tyranny – then no matter what – we’re in this together.

Right now we have a job to do – those of us who are queer – those of you who are black, are women, are trans, bi and everything else – if you can write, you have a JOB to do.

Maybe one day we can go back to our petty squabbles about who should do what and why, but as of right now, we’re out of time. We’re out of time.

I am not going to quit writing, reading, reviewing, and putting out blogs on occasion. I will not – any longer – involve myself in petty squabbles over turf, but I also will not allow people to bully people without standing up to bullying even if the person was wrong in doing what they did. Because internet bullying across the board – is wrong. As adults, we should know that.

But we only like to apply those rules to people we agree with.

You’re angry right now. You’re scared. And that’s okay. But you’re wasting your energy and your efforts by going after people who have done simply what you have done for the past several years when the money was good and times were great.

But – like it or not – we’ve entered into a new era.

Now the only thing left to do is write. And for the love of God, make it the best goddamn thing you’ve ever written.

The romance, as they say, is over.

The blog I am referring to is here.

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