Oh, Sanity (Poem)

oh sanity
thou mysteriously thin wisp
elusive and gone like the morning mists
on a still lake as the sun breaks over the horizon
and burns away quickly

when fever catches and burns the body
till air the skin finds abrasive
there’s nothing to do but let the fever break
in rest and repose we sleep

Yet I fear a temperature too hot
can scorch the mind like fire burns the grasses
when lightning strikes parched and drought-starved places
till nothing remains but black and charred earth

But even then through the smoke stilled remains
of charred and desolate corpses
new life springs anew and curious
after the passing of March’s sweet first rain

Sanity, my darling
our tender frail little spirit
leave us, all of us, in times like these
that we may face our life with a drunkard’s sobriety
tis the least that you can do.

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