Daddy Man (poem)

I could never love anyone else
as I stare into the abyss and watch it stare right back at me
I’ve needed stronger arms to pull me back
and hold me steady and keep me from falling down, down

When in the presence of real evil, done in the name of good
no one walks away from that not smelling of sulphur
but when the winds whip and threaten to spill me over
you root me to the ground, to the floor, to our bed

There is no salvation when the music stops
and the anger rages forward and the demons and devils come out to play
when three a.m. beckons to me
I wake you from your sleep to make love to me
and make me see that I am still alive

Daddy man – lover, healer, my faith and my religion
there’s no other man for me in the world who can do what you do
our little life of minute worries, and daily struggles
cannot compare to the horror I left behind

There has been no woman, nor other male lover
who has had the power you have and continue to possess
to hold me steady, to keep me safe, nor makes me submit
and bow my knee to keep me from running into the night

And for your love, I lay down my guard
and beg for it one more time
With your virtuous heart and make me feel the love
I could never exist, safely, without.

So don’t worry that we are not in palatial splendor
eating off fine china, drinking from crystal goblets
as long as there is me, you, four walls and a bed
I can promise you, you’re doing just fine.

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